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Self Defence Personal Alarm Keychain with LED Light

Self Defence Personal Alarm Keychain with LED Light

Обычная цена ¥3,000 JPY
Обычная цена ¥3,000 JPY Цена со скидкой ¥3,000 JPY
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This small personal alarm keychain has 130 dB Loud Siren and Led light, It's loud and bright enough to keep you safe from startles attackers and alerts others to emergency situations. 

This keychain alarm is also good for elderly especially when they are living alone and need some urgent medical attention or help from others.  It's good for all ages.

Very Easy to operate, press the side button to turn the flash light on, stop it by releasing the button.  Pull the Keychain up to activate the alarm and push it back to stop

Size: 85 * 30 * 19 mm
Battery:  2* AAA batteries

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